Ssshh don’t tell anyone!

Posted by Jenny Lau On April - 7 - 2011

How would you make the “this is a secret!” gesture in your culture?

So next time when you tell someone a secret, don’t forget to use one of these gestures to make it safer!
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Hand gestures

Posted by Adrienne Stickel On April - 7 - 2011

Does Ok-gesture mean Ok everywhere?

Cultural Secrets in Hand Gestures

All the time we tend to use hand gestures to substitute or support our words. But we should be aware that non-verbal signals hide much more culturally bound secrets than we could imagine.
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Are you crazy or what?

Posted by Jenny Lau On April - 6 - 2011

How do you demontsrate in your culture that someone is crazy? In our little project, we asked people from different countries to get crazy for a while in front of the camera. Maybe you will find some similarities or your gesture is completely different. However, try to keep in mind those differences! Who knows, maybe one day you might have to say someone is crazy in one of these countries!

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