What does your headscarf mean to you?

Posted by Olga Smirnova On April - 7 - 2011

Photo by Bettina Storck

Maria, a 26-year-old student from Indonesia, is studying in Germany. She kindly agreed to give us an interview about the secrets of wearing a headscarf and femininity in a Muslim culture.

Have you ever wondered, what such an element in a wardrobe could mean for a woman?

Is she happy wearing it?

Does it protect her?

Is it just a religious tradition or rather something personal?

What is it like to wear it in a different culture?

Does she go to the swimming pool/hair-dresser?


We want to thank Maria for sincerely answering our provocative questions!

Here you’ll find the answers.
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Bettgeflüster – Pillow Talk

Posted by Ariane Seitz On April - 7 - 2011

What do you wear to bed?  How do you prepare for bed?  Who sleeps where?
Come along as we find out what the rituals are in Kenya, Syria, Indonesia, and the USA.