Many cultures, one event: Christmas

Posted by Carolin Heid On April - 7 - 20114,205 COMMENTS

Talking about traditions in different countries is also part of our project: in the first day of our Medienwoche we thought at what could be “traditional”. After having made a brainstorming we all agreed on Christmas but not without doubts, if you are not Christians how could you celebrate it? Read the rest of this entry »

Two “secrets” about secrets

Posted by Magdalena Eiffert On April - 7 - 20114,425 COMMENTS

Carolin’s secret

If someone tells you a secret I know it is very mean to share it with others. It is a moral sin. But I have to admit that after being told a secret, I will assess if this secret is worth to be a secret. If it is something that is unimportant from my point of view, I will not pay attention to keep it as a secret. It also depends on the relation between the person and me. If it is not a good friend, I will talk with others about it. We all know these people who tell you everything although you are not a good friend. I have to say that then it is their own fault when their secrets are spread by others.

Just a little chat: taboos & secrets

Posted by Magdalena Eiffert On April - 7 - 20113,924 COMMENTS

We have been chatting on facebook to ask people what they don’t talk about and whether they see themselves as good secret keepers. Let’s see what they said:
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Hand gestures

Posted by Adrienne Stickel On April - 7 - 20114,511 COMMENTS

Does Ok-gesture mean Ok everywhere?

Cultural Secrets in Hand Gestures

All the time we tend to use hand gestures to substitute or support our words. But we should be aware that non-verbal signals hide much more culturally bound secrets than we could imagine.
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Cultural Jokes?!

Posted by Adrienne Stickel On April - 7 - 20114,120 COMMENTS

Have you ever wondered what kind of jokes others make about your country?
Would you like to discover that? Then click below and have fun!


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Intercultural Comfort Food

Posted by Allyson Upton On April - 7 - 20114,208 COMMENTS

It turns out there’s no word for “comfort food” in German.  While trying to translate it for our survey, I realized it is actually quite difficult to describe, and though comfort food is culturally orientated, it is also quite individual.

For me, comfort food is the food that takes me away from my current situation (be it a bad day, stressful moments, etc) and brings me into my memories. This happens especially often when abroad because everything in my day to day life is different. Sometimes I just need to find solace in something from home. A blueberry muffin, for example, immediately takes me back to my childhood porch in summer. I would sit in the sun eating fresh blueberry muffins with berries from my garden.

It can be that food that brings you back to a childhood moment or that simply gets you through exams. Something that brings you comfort. It can be warm and heavy or simply a bar of chocolate. Through a survey we conducted, we found that comfort food varies all over the world and we’d like to share our results with everyone.

View the album Intercultural Comfort Food

Intercultural Comfort Food

A collection of comfort food from all over the world

Maccheroni or buttered bread???

Posted by Sabrina Colombo On April - 7 - 20113,974 COMMENTS


an extract from a very old (1954) but very famous italian film “An American in Rome””

Which International Food Are You?

Posted by Allyson Upton On April - 6 - 20114,098 COMMENTS

Come take our quiz and find out which international food you are!
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Are you crazy or what?

Posted by Jenny Lau On April - 6 - 20113,514 COMMENTS

How do you demontsrate in your culture that someone is crazy? In our little project, we asked people from different countries to get crazy for a while in front of the camera. Maybe you will find some similarities or your gesture is completely different. However, try to keep in mind those differences! Who knows, maybe one day you might have to say someone is crazy in one of these countries!

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