Posted by Bulut Kilic On April - 6 - 2011

Editors’ Note:

The Editors: they saw everything, they heard everything, they talked a lot! (Photo: Bettina Storck)

Dear Guest,

we are glad to have sparked your interest and curiosity. Now you might be trying to figure out what the whole idea behind this website is. You also might be asking yourself if such an internet page is really necessary in our “globalized” world. Do different cultures still have secrets? Are you wondering if you are going to discover something that you did not know?

Our ambitious intercultural student group from Fulda, Germany, is trying not only to come up with as many cultural secrets as possible in only one week, but also to eliminate some stereotypes. We have portrayed ourselves in different situations that are intented to make you laugh. You will discover the other side of the wall, how the others see us, what they think about us. And everything is hilariously exaggerated!

This Project is called “Social Media meets Social Sciences” and we, Intercultural Studies students, make use of all possible social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, videos, pictures, audio files, analogue pictures etc., to get to you and to discover cultural secrets. And everything under the supervision of three extraordinary Media Professionalists from Berlin and a social expert from Fulda.

Join us on our way to discovery and do not forget to visit us on our Facebook page.

From left to right: Adriana Rodríguez-Casamayor, Bulut Kilic and Maria Kouzminova




(Photo: Bettina Storck)

Social Media Group Number  1: Gender and Femininity – that’s what our group has tried to find out more about. While Olga, our Belarusian girl, reveales her experience in a German sauna, Yuliya knows how to greet a French even though she comes from Kazakhstan. Our German representative Bettina tells us why the French charm is not outdated as well as how to recognize an East European woman. If there are any pictures to be taken, ask her. Nadiya, coming from Ukraine, has discovered how it feels to wear a headscarf and thinks that high heels are very comfortable.
From left to right: Bettina Storck, Yuliya Shilova, Olga, Nadiya Tsybulya




(Photo: Bettina Storck)

Social Media Group Number 2:
Dear Visitors, social media group 2 has been trying to discover the biggest taboo subject in each culture and the attitudes towards secret keeping. These topics are very personal and intimate, so it was hard at the beginning to have people who are willing to talk about it “on-record”. It has been a long journey, but now we are pleased with the result and hope you like them as much as we do.
From left to right: Sabrina Colombo, Magdalena Eiffert, Carolin Heid





(Photo: Bettina Storck)

Social Media Group Number 3:
During the first semester in ICEUS, they realized that food played such a large role in the everyday lives of all the students. During this project they were curious to discover the secrets of intercultural foods in Fulda and around the world.  They learned lots of new tips and hope you enjoy their findings.
From left to right: Lilia Brestel, Allyson Upton, Lisa Krottenmüller, Björn Hesse





(Photo: Bettina Storck)

Social Media Group Number 4: For our purposes we defined cultural secrets as follows: Cultural secrets are usually based on norms one culture has and another therefore doesn’t understand.Our group focused on gestures and how they are used in different countries. How do cultures show that somebody is crazy, showing to keep a secret or what is the most offensive gesture in that culture.How are different hand gestures used – do they always have the same meaning?Is it ok to ask direct questions? Like how much do you earn?
From left to right: Natalya Kostyuk, Adrienne Stickel, Iuliia Lavrinenko, Jenny Lau





(Photo: Bettina Storck)

Film Group Number 1: consisting of Germans Ariane Seitz and Dana Heydendorf and American Sandra Willut made contributions to the Body & Language and Traditions & Taboos sections. Through a short survey and a series of interviews, they discovered what certain animals “say” in different languages and what people do before bed in different cultures.
From left to right: Sandra Willut, Dana Heydendorf, Ariane Seitz






(Photo: Bettina Storck)

“Making of” Group: We are Yun-Ru Chen and Maryana Puzatkina, members of the “Making of” film group. Our daily task was to film how “Cultural Secrets” were being discovered. Every night we uploaded the “film of the day” so that everyone could see that online. If you are interested in our work go to www.youtube.com/culturalsecrets. See you there!
From left to right: Eva Yun-Ru Chen, Maryana Puzatkina






(Photo: Bettina Storck)

Film Group Number 2: We (and fellow international students here in Fulda) found that there are some particularities involving Germans and their compliment giving habits. We decided to take a peek in to the German culture through creating entertaining video recreating culturally German myths and interviewing students on campus in order to discover the secrets behind compliments in Germany.
From left to right: Dinara Ospanova, Katie Freeman, Yanyan Wang