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Know-how – Different ways of wearing a headscarf

Posted by Olga Smirnova On April - 7 - 2011

Maria, a 26-year-old student from Indonesia, is studying in Germany. She kindly agreed to give us an interview on the secrets of wearing a headscarf and of femininity in a Muslim culture.

Maria also showed us how a headscarf is worn in different countries where Islam is the predominant religion.
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The HungryAmi Reveals Intercultural Food Secrets

Posted by Allyson Upton On April - 7 - 2011

Have you ever asked yourself how Italians eat spaghetti or how to pour a wheat beer the German way?

Come join Allyson as she reveals a few intercultural food secrets!


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Women, Men and Femininity – intercultural statements

Posted by Olga Smirnova On April - 7 - 2011

We have posted 4 statements on Facebook, concerning MEN, WOMEN & FEMININITY in different cultural settings, and asked our friends to comment them.

Here are our statements and a short summary of the feedback received so far.
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Show me your shoes and I’ll tell you who you are!

Posted by Bettina Storck On April - 7 - 2011

You’ve always wanted to know how to distinguish between East and West European women? Discover it here!




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Dinner is served … but when?

Posted by Lilia Brestel On April - 7 - 2011

At some point in our intercultural experience, almost all of us have found ourselves in the situation of  arrivng either too late or too early for a dinner invitation.  It seems to be such a “small” part of our daily lives yet nevertheless, manages to create a lot of confusion. To try and prevent our readers from this uncertainty, we set up a survey on facebook and asked friends from all over the world to reveal their eating habits. People were asked how many meals they eat during the day, at what time, and for how long. Thanks to the numerous answers we were able to evaluate them and present them here for you. Read the rest of this entry »

A handsome guy is trying to get acquainted with you by asking a simple harmless question like

“It’s hot in here, isn’t it?”

It would have been cool, you could have even flirted with him, if it were not for one small detail- he is TOTALLY naked!
I had similar thoughts, when I visited a German sauna for the first time. Somehow I found myself to be in a company of 7 men in their natural beauty…

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Are you crazy or what?

Posted by Jenny Lau On April - 6 - 2011

How do you demontsrate in your culture that someone is crazy? In our little project, we asked people from different countries to get crazy for a while in front of the camera. Maybe you will find some similarities or your gesture is completely different. However, try to keep in mind those differences! Who knows, maybe one day you might have to say someone is crazy in one of these countries!

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